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Trainer Joe:

The Answer is for everybody and every body. But what does this even mean? Great question,  and I have The Answer.

After several decades of working out with and training thousands of people from all ages and in  all stages, I have come to the conclusion that everybody and every body are unique, and  everybody and every body has unique wants, needs, and desires. 

My data pool extends across 27 years, high school strength and conditioning, collegiate  athletics, 30,000-plus hours of cumulative personal training sessions, and more than 1,000  different clients. 

Here’s a closer look at what I have learned in my lifelong study of health and fitness.

Define: Everybody

Let’s look at the first “everybody.” Who is that? It is you, it is me, it is literally everybody. Some  of my friends are working toward performing on a professional stage, some of my friends are  working on rehabilitating a body part, some of my friends are working on living their best lives,  and some of my friends just want to be able to get down on the ground to play with their  grandchildren.

All of these goals are perfect, just like all of my friends. This just begins to scratch the surface of  the unique nature of my friends. Each one of us has also had a unique upbringing, from where  we were born, what year we were born in, to whom we were born to. All of these factors  contribute to the unique nature of who we are and what we want, need, and desire to get out  of this life.

Define: Every Body

Now let’s look at the second “every body,” with a huge emphasis on the “body.” Each friend of  mine has a unique height, weight, bone density, skin tone, hair color, eye color, flexibility, blood  type, metabolic rate, and hormone level. This amazing fact is one thing that makes life such a  beautiful experience and working out a completely unique experience. Variety is the spice of  life. 

For many years I operated under a belief system that there was “a right way to do something  and a wrong way to do something.” I tried to conform all my friends’ exercises to look the  same, be done at the same tempo, and with the same range of motion. At first this seemed to  make sense — there would be a standard to a movement— until I started becoming aware that  each person I worked with had a unique range of motion that was a factor of their unique body.  This factor could come from the flexibility of the muscles, the mobility of the ligaments and tendons, the length of the bones, or any past experience that they may have had that has  affected their body in an individual way. 

To go along with this, there are many different ways to train the muscles based on the goals  each person has. Some exercises are better to be done slowly and concentrated, while other  exercises are designed to be fast and powerful. The right option is the one that is designed for  the way someone wants to perform, which can change from day to day, month to month, and  year to year.

The Answer

Through the thousands of hours, I have been blessed to train my friends. I have been asked  hundreds of times, “Am I doing this right?” Over that time, my answer has evolved to what I  believe today: Everybody and every body are unique, and everybody and every body has unique  wants, needs, and desires, so please do what is true, genuine, and authentic to you.

There are some standard things that I encourage all of my friends to do through each  movement, such as having length through the spine, keeping the head and neck in a neutral  alignment, and going through a range of motion that feels good in their body. Then, I ask them  how it feels in their body and what are their objectives for that day’s session.

Ultimately, my goal as a trainer is to help each one of my friends create an intimate relationship  with their body. The human body is a barometer for feelings. It is incredibly intelligent, and it  can help guide each one of us through life. The more intimacy that I create with my body, the  more joy and fulfilment I receive in each aspect of my life. 

By setting an intention going into each workout, I am able to identify what my body wants,  needs, and desires to get out of the training session. Sometimes it is fast and heavy. Sometimes  it is slow and steady.

A Common Ground

Now that we have covered how each one of us is unique, let’s shine some light on how each  one of us is the same. We can all benefit from a healthy mind and body.

A strong core and lower body strength is valuable in all aspects of life. The professional athlete  needs it to perform the quick, explosive moments that are often asked of the body, and the  grandma or grandpa need the lower body and core strength to work in the garden or pursue  anything in their life with ease. 

This is why I love to utilize The Answer Movement in all of my training programs. The Answer  Movement lengthens the spine, strengthens the core, and empowers the quads and glutes, all  while allowing me and my friends to “stand up for greatness” — something everybody and  every body can benefit from.

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