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To compliment THE ANSWER, we offer a wide range of free workout videos that combine positivity, love, and encouragement. These workouts will help you reach your full potential using THE ANSWER MOVEMENT. The videos focus on a variety of exercises that incorporate mindful breathing so you can make the most of your time.


28-Day Program

Trainer Joe has crafted a 28-day program that is easy to follow. Select the day that corresponds to the day of the month and in approximately 15 minutes, you will experience the effectiveness and efficiency of The Answer. Through this series, you will learn how to effectively and mindfully work out every part of your body. The lessons feature a variety of movements for all ages and skill levels to ensure a workout that engages your body and mind. Ultimately allowing you to Stand up for Greatness!

We provide numerous other workout videos so you can find something that resonates with your wants, needs, and desires. Visit our YouTube channel for access to the full breadth and depth of workouts with The Answer.

Total-Body Workouts

Tabata Workouts

Couples Workouts

The Answer Advantage

Sports-Specific Workouts

Body Part-Specific Workouts

Empowerment Through variety

One of the many benefits of THE ANSWER is the variety of exercises available. Many “traditional” exercises are enhanced on The Answer providing a clear training advantage. You engage more muscles and travel farther, which ultimately makes your workouts more efficient and more effective.

Instructional videos

As an introduction, view some of the exercises accessible on THE ANSWER.

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