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THE ANSWER allows you to do more work in less time, so you generate more power and therefore burn more calories. Former engineer, Trainer Joe, created THE ANSWER using science. To illustrate this, we use the physics equations for work and power.


Force is your body’s mass and distance is the space traveled doing the movement.

THE ANSWER’s design allows you to travel farther than traditional squats and sit-ups, which means more work.

Power = Work ÷ Time

Time is your most valuable asset and the efficiency of The Answer allows you to generate more power in less time.

The Answer Movement

Step 1:

When we perform the signature Answer Movement, we begin in a standing position with our feet under the toe-bar.

Answer Movement Step 2

Step 2:

Then we mindfully move into a squat before transitioning into a sit-up.

Answer Movement Step 3

Step 3:

When we reach our full extension, we engage our core, drive through our heels, and return to our standing position in one fluid motion.

Strengthen Your

Body and Mind

Utilizing the Answer and its free workout videos, training programs, and community support you can successfully achieve a total-body workout doing more work and generating more power in less time. All of this combined makes The Answer the most effective piece of fitness equipment. That’s The Answer Movement.

From Science

To Deliberate Practice

Personal Training


Life Coach


Yoga Teacher


All in One

THE ANSWER provides an efficient, effective workout for strength, core, and cardio capacity, and we go even further.

Our video programming philosophy is holistic to work the physical, mental, and emotional body. This approach makes us unique and is the key to lifelong health and happiness. The instructions in the videos help you achieve a complete transformation, inside and out. We incorporate mindfulness, positive affirmations, and neurolinguistic programming, and we cue you to connect with your breath. This framework provides practice for your mental and emotional body. Throughout the videos, we remind you of how great you are and all that you can achieve.

Health is our greatest wealth!

Our belief is that everybody and every BODY deserves the opportunity to receive access to the best training and expertise available. Our positive messaging is delivered with motivation, support, and love. We are excited to be part of your fitness journey.

Stand up for Greatness

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Are you looking for a simple, effective recipe for life that you can follow for deeper love, appreciation, and inner peace?

We have The Answer. Sign-up to receive a free copy of Trainer Joe’s e-book “The Key to a More Enjoyable Quality of Life from A to Z.”

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Patent US D911,463 S & 7947266S1. MID #61421

The Answer Movement

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