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There are a plethora of workout programs in the world these days. Whether you want to bike, stretch, run, lift, or diet your way to a healthier life, there are thousands of programs all claiming to be the “right” one for you. So, what makes The Answer just that: The answer? Through talking to Trainer Joe, the inventor, I began to understand why The Answer really can be THE answer for everyone’s fitness goals.

Given that Joe was previously an engineer, his breakdown of what makes The Answer more effective was inherently scientific. Yet, with just a few physics equations it is easy for everyone to understand. So here goes:

There are two equations in physics that explain the benefit of working out. The first is work equals force times distance. The second is power equals work over time. Sound like something that was taught in high school? To introduce you to an Answer movement, it is the combination of a sit-up and a squat all in one fluid motion. Simple. So, if we break out our papers and pencils to use the work equation then work is basically your exercise. The force is how much you are exerting while doing an Answer. In this case, it is the mass of your body times gravity’s force. To de-science that, it is your body. The distance should be obvious, but it is the distance you are traveling, and we can pick your head to be the focal point of distance travelled.


Now, in any exercise, your body’s mass is staying the same so that can be a constant in this equation. Therefore, what makes you do more work with The Answer is the fact that your head is travelling 2 to 3 times farther by combining a squat and a sit-up, as well as travelling the in-between distance that never gets worked elsewhere. Just by going farther in one fluid motion, you are doing more work per rep.

Power is a unit of energy transferred or converted per unit of time. Calories are units of energy you are burning over time. This has a direct relation to fat loss, which is typically a common fitness goal.


Each time you do an Answer you are generating more work, and because it is one machine, set up and ready to use and is versatile enough that you can do almost any exercise, it takes less time to use than other machines. If you want to go do squats with a bar you would have to go set up the amount of weights before you even position yourself to lift. This takes up more time, which would lower your power. Because The Answer generates work in much less time, this means you have the potential to create way more power. This means The Answer can be just as effective in less time. And everyone these days is looking for ways to save time, right?

Once I fully understood the science of The Answer, I realized and now believe in the wonderful impact it can have in my life and others’. The fundamentals of The Answer not only help keep you in well-aligned form just from the design, but it also makes doing something great for your body SO easy.

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